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家人或朋友的寶寶BABY誕生了!! 具有紀念意義的刻字內容會讓禮物更貼心,BABY滿月或生日的時候也都很適合應用的中英文短句,這裡提供生子滿月祝福句子參考,可將下列備註成您要的刻字內容喔!

Congratulations! 恭喜!
Welcome, Little Prince! 歡迎小王子!
Welcome, Little Princess! 歡迎小公主!
Congratulations on a new baby 恭喜添丁!
Best Wishes 最好的祝福
Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy! 生活在笑、愛與幸福中
You make me happy 我因有妳而幸福
There will never be another you 妳是我的唯一
All the best for your future 前程似錦
With every good wish 衷心祝福
Thanks for your birth 感謝妳的誕生
Hello New Baby 寶寶妳好
Shining Future 燦爛的未來
I'm so glad there is you 我因有妳而幸福
You're precious and treasured 妳是無人能代替的寶貝
Congratulations and best wishes on your NEW BABY! 衷心祝贺寶貝誕生與祝福!
Congratulations! May your son bring you happiness. 恭喜!祝福你們小寶貝帶來的幸福~
Congratulations on your new little sunshine! 祝福你喜獲麟兒(小太陽)
Nothing is cuter than a baby girl / boy ...congratulations! 可愛到不行的小公主/小王子,恭喜!
Congratulations!  Wishing your baby happy and healthy always! 恭喜!祝福你的寶貝健康又幸福

Congratulations on birth

Childbirth anniversary